Marilyn's Jam Session
Jam Improvisations
proudly composed in Blue Hill, Maine

Jams, Jellies, Catsups, Syrups, Preserves, Relishes, etc. 


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Marilyn's Jam Session evolved into a business through a combination of providential circumstances. I love to improvise in the kitchen, and my husband, Scott, loves to improvise as a jazz pianist. So, I create the jams, and he creates their names (including the name of our company). 

My artisan preserves are either original variations on traditional preserves, or they are entirely new creations.  I  make them all myself in very small batches without adding any preservatives or defoaming agent. I get rid of the naturally occurring foam the old fashioned way, by hand skimming it off the jelly surface before sealing the jars.

Whenever possible, my products are made with Maine grown produce.  I always use locally grown blueberries, blackberries, wild plums, rhubarb, and crab apples. Several of my preserves are made with sweet and hot peppers grown right here in Maine. Furthermore, I use organic fruits and vegetables if possible. Due to the availability of some local produce, several of my products are Limited Edition. 

I hope that you will enjoy tasting my jams as much as I enjoy creating them!


- Marilyn